Prof. George Perry

Biology, University of Texas at San Antonio, USA

Dean and Professor




1973   A.A., Allan Hancock College, Santa Maria, USA
1974   B.A., Zoology,University of California at Santa Barbara, USA
1979   Ph.D., Marine Biology, University of California at San Diego, USA

Publications (Selected)

  1. Wang X, Perry G, Smith MA, Zhu X.  Amyloid-β-derived diffusible ligands cause impaired axonal transport of mitochondria in neurons.  Neurodegener Dis 1:56-59, 2010.(1) 
  2. Borghi R, Piccini A, Barini E, Cirmena G, Guglielmotto M, Tamagno E, Fornaro M, Perry G, Smith MA, Garuli A, Tabaton M.  Up-regulation of Presenilin 1 in brains of sporadic, late-onset Alzheimer disease.  J Alzheimer's Disease 22:771-775, 2010. 
  3. Gustaw-Rothenberg KA, Siedlak SL, Bonda DJ, Lerner A, Tabaton M, Perry G, Smith MA.  Dissociated amyloid-β antibody levels as a serum biomarker for the progression of Alzheimer’s disease: a population study.  Exp Gerontol 45:47-52, 2010.(2) 
  4. Smith MA, Zhu X, Tabaton M, Liu G, McKeel DW Jr, Cohen ML, Wang X, Siedlak SL, Hayashi T, Nakamura M, Nunomura A, Perry G.  Increased iron and free radical generation in preclinical Alzheimer disease and mild cognitive impairment.  J Alzheimer Dis 19:363-372, 2010.(17) 
  5. Su B, Wang X, Lee H-g, Tabaton M, Perry G, Smith MA, Zhu X.  Chronic oxidative stress causes increased tau phosphorylation in M17 neuroblastoma cells.  Neurosci Lett 468:267-271, 2010. (1) 
  6. Nunomura A, Tamaoki T, Tanaka K, Motohashi N, Nakamura M, Hayashi T, Yamaguchi H, Lee H-g, Zhu X, Smith MA, Perry G.  Intraneuronal Amyloid β accumulation and oxidative damage to nucleic acids in Alzheimer disease. Neurobiol Dis 37:731-737, 2010.(4) 
  7. Nair NG, Perry G, Smith MA, Reddy VP.  NMR studies of zinc, copper, and iron binding to histidine, the principal metal ion complexint site of amyloid-β peptide. J Alzheimer Dis 20:57-66, 2010.(1) 
  8. Poeggeler B, Sambamurti K, Siedlak SL, Perry G, Smith MA, Pappolla MA.  A novel endogenous indole protects rodent mitochondria and extends rotifer lifespan. PLOS One 5:e10206. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0010206, 2010. 
  9. Storace D, Cammarata S, Borghi R, Sanguineti R, Giliberto L, Piccini A, Pollero V, Novello C, Caltagirone C, Smith MA, Bossù P, Perry G, Odetti P, Tabaton M.  Elevation of β-amyloid 1-42 autoantibodies in the blood of amnestic patients with mild cognitive impairment.  Arch Neurol 67:867-72, 2010. 
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  16. Bonda DJ, Mailankot M, Stone JG, Garrett MR, Staniszewska M, Castellani RJ, Siedlak SL, Zhu X, Lee H-g, Perry G, Nagaraj RH, Smith MA.  Indoleamine 2,3-dioxygenase and 3OH-kynurenine modifications are found in the neuropathology of Alzheimer disease.  Redox Report 15:161-168, 2010. 
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  31. Wang X, Fujioka H, Yan M, Liu J, Perry G, Casadesus G, Zhu X.  LRRK2 regulates mitochondrial dynamics and function in neurons through direct interaction with DLP1. Human Mol Genetics (in press).


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