Dr. Brian M. Iacoviello

Department of Psychiatry

Mount Sinai School of Medicine, USA



2009 Ph.D., Temple University, Philadelphia PA, USA

2007 M.Sc., Temple University, Philadelphia PA, USA

2002 B.Sc., Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore MD, USA

Publications (Selected)

  1. Feder, A., Iacoviello, B.M., Saxena, S., Alim, T., Bailey, C., Greene, A., Lawson, W., & Neumeister, A. (in press). Resilience to meet the challenge of addiction: psychobiology and clinical considerations. Alcohol Research and Health.
  2. Murrough, J.W., Iacoviello, B.M., Neumeister, A., Charney, D., & Iosifescu, D. (2011). Cognitive Dysfunction in Depression: Neurocircuitry and New Therapeutic Targets. Neurobiology of Learning and Memory, 96(4), 553-563.
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