Prof. Luigi Iuliano
Department of Medico-Surrgiacl Sciences and Biotechnology (MSSB)

Sapienza University of Rome, Italy


2006 Affiliated external Professor, Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic
2001 Associate Professor of Internal Medicine
1996-1998 visiting Scientist, Center of Experimental Therapeutics, University of Pennsylvania, School of Medicine Philadelphia, diretto dal Prof. Garret A. FitzGerald
1987 Board Certification in Internal Medicine, cum Laude. Sapienza University in Rome
1982-1987 Fellowship, Division of Internal Medicine and Atherothrombosis Unit, Policlinico Umberto I Hospital of La Sapienza University in Rome
1982 Degree in Medicine, cum Laude. Sapienza University in Rome

1977-1982 Internal student, Department of Internal Medicine, Sapienza University in Rome

Publications (Selected)
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