Dr. Maria Dalamaga

School of Medicine

University of Athens, Greece

Associate Professor



2002 Ph.D., University of Athens, School of Medicine, Greece

1999-2000 M.Sc., Harvard School of Public Health, USA

1996-1997 M.PH., National School of Public Health, Greece

1989-1995 M.D., Ioannina University, School of Medicine, Greece

Publications (Selected)

Books, Monographs and Chapters in Books

  1. Dalamaga M. The contribution of viruses-infectious agents (EBV, CMV, HHV-6, Influenza viruses A, B, Parainfluenza viruses, RSV, Adenoviruses, Parvovirus Β19 and Mycoplasma pneumoniae) and low herd immunity to he etiology of childhood leukemia. Laboratory of Hygiene and Epidemiology. University of Athens, School of Medicine and Diagnostic Department of Virology, Pasteur Hellenic Institute. Athens, 2002. Doctoral thesis (193 pages, Greek).
  2. Dalamaga M, Antonakos G, Geromeriati K, Thrasyvoulides A, Kroupis C, Stathopoulou E, Kontelia G, Dima K. Hot Issues in Clinical Biochemistry for the modern clinical laboratory practice. Editors: Dalamaga M, Dima K, Kroupis C. General University Hospital “Attikon”, Sponsorhip: BIOCHEM. Athens 2007 (110 pages, Greek) ISBN: 978-960-930090-2.
  3. Dalamaga M. Quality Asurance Manual according to the ISO 15189 for the Laboratory of Clinical Biochemistry, General University Hospital “Attikon”, Chaidari, 2007  (31 pages, Greek).
  4. Dalamaga M. Procedures and Guideines according to the ISO 15189 for the Laboratory of Clinical Biochemistry, General University Hospital “Attikon”, Chaidari, 2007  (125 pages, Greek).
  5. Dalamaga M and Vrioni G. Cedecea spp. In Molecular detection of human pathogens. Dongyou Liu (editor). CRC Press, Taylor and Francis edition Group. New South Wales. Australia, 2011. ISBN: 9781439812389.
  6. Dalamaga M and Koumaki V. Adiponectin and Cancer: deep insight. In Atlas of Genetics and Cytogenetics in Oncology and Haematology 2013 (invited contribution).
  7. Three chapters in Obesity for the electronic and printed manual Clinical Endocrinology, Greek Society of Endocrinology. Authors: Stergios A. Polyzos, Maria Dalamaga, Dimitrios G. Goulis and Christos S. Mantzoros (invited contribution).
  8. Dalamaga M. Emerging novel cardiovascular biomarkers in cardiovascular diseases. In “Cardiovascular Diseases, Dyslipidemia, Endothelial Dysfunction, Molecular and Serum Biomarkers” Seminar Proceedings Book. 5th Congress of Clinical Biochemistry and Laboratory Hematology. Athens, October 2013.
  9. Papadavid E, Dalamaga M, Rigopoulos D. Psoriasis and metabolic co-morbidities. In the Internal Medicine Book dedicated to the memory of Professor Arapakis (in press).
  10. Christodoulatos GS, Dalamaga M. Adiponectin and hematologic malignancies. In the Internal Medicine Book dedicated to Professor John Meletis (in press).


  1. Dalamaga M, Matekovis H, Foteinou A, Katsianou E, Chavelas C, Kaloudi S, Lioulios P, Karmaniolas K, Peraki A, Chronopoulos P. Evaluation of health service quality at the 417 Army Share Fund Hospital (Veteran’s Hospital of Athens). Iatriki Epitheorisis Enoplon Dynameon 2001; 35: 37-42 (Greek).
  2. Dalamaga M, Petridou E, Trichopoulos D, Mentis A, Skalkidou A, Karpathios Th, Kalmanti M, Koliouskas D, Kosmidi E, Panagiotou I, Piperopoulou F, Tzortzatou F. Infectious agents and low herd immunity in the etiology of childhood leukemia. Paediatriki-Hellenic Paediatric Society 2001; 64: 136-144 (Greek).
  3. Ioannidis P, Dalamaga M, Liatis S, Vlachopoulou A, Kaskara A, Papalambros T, Karmaniolas K. Primary myopathic carnitine deficiency in an adult male. Archives of Hellenic Medicine 2001; 18(6): 597-600 (Greek).
  4. Dalamaga M. Karmaniolas K, Vlachopoulou A, Ioannidis P, Chavelas C, Papalambros T, Peraki A. Coexistence of primary myelodysplastic syndrome-RARS with T-lymphoblsatic non-Hodgkin lymphoma. Archives of Helenic Medicine 2000; 17(4): 407-410 (Greek).
  5. Dalamaga M, Chavelas C, Kostoula A. Acute abdominal pain in leptospirosis. Acta Microbiologica Hellenica 2002; 47 (6): 466-471 (Greek).
  6. Karmaniolas K,Liatis S, Dalamaga M, Ioannidis P, Papalambros T. Ovarian sarcoidosis: a rare location of the disease. Iatriki 2003; 84 (1-2):95-98 (Greek).
  7. Nikolaidou AN, Dalamaga M. Adipose tissue hormones and malignant neoplasms. Acta Microbiologica Hellenica 2006; 51(4): 142-152 (Greek).
  8. Dalamaga M. Etiology of childhood leukemia: review of the epidemiologic evidence Iatriki Epitheorisis Enoplon Dynameon 2007; 41 (1-2): 25-33 (Greek).
  9. Dalamaga M, Leftheriotou T, Karmaniolas K, Kaskara A, Migdalis I. Generalized infection with ardiac, hepatic, and pancreatic disorder due to enterovirus. Galenus 2007; 49(3): 239-244 (Greek).
  10. Dalamaga M, Sotiropoulos GP, Vrioni G.  Cedeceα, an "unknown" Enterobacteriaceae: clinical significance-biochemical and molecular diagnostic approaches. Acta Microbiologica Hellenica 2014; 59 (1): 17-28.
  11. Dalamaga M, Dionyssiou-Asteriou Α. Microparticles and Cardio-Vascular Disease. Editorial. Atheroma 2014; 14 (4): 1-7.
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