Prof. Björn Klöve

Water Resources and Environmental Eng. Lab

University of Oulu, Finland



1997 Ph.D., Department of Water Resources Engineering, Lund University, Sweden

1995 M.Sc., Licentiate of Technology, Helsinki Univ. of Technology, Finland

1991 B.Sc., Mater of Science in Civil Engineering, Helsinki Univ. of Technology, Finland

Publications (Selected)

  1. Okkonen, J. Kløve, B. 2011. A sequential modelling approach to assess groundwater-surface water resources in a snow dominated region of Finland. Journal of Hydrology (Accepted).
  2. Balderacchi, M., Benoit, P.; Cambier, P.; Eklo, O.M.; Gargini, A.; Gemitzi, A.; Gurel, M.; Kløve, B.; Nakic, Z.; Preda, E.; Ruzicic, S.; Wachniew, P.; Trevisan, M. 2011. Groundwater pollution and quality monitoring approaches at the European level. Critcal Reviews of Environmental Science and Technology (accepted).
  3. Hekmatzadeh, A. A., Karimi-Jashani, A., Talebbeydokhti, N., Kløve, B. 2011. Modeling of Nitrate Removal for Ion Exchange Resin in Batch and Fixed Bed Experiments. Desalination (accepted).
  4. Kløve B., Ala-aho P., Bertrand G., Boukalova Z., Ertürk A., Goldscheider N., Ilmonen J., Karakaya N., Kupfersberger H., Kværner J., Lundberg A., Mileusnić M., Moszczynska A., Muotka T., Preda E., Rossi P., Siergieiev D., Šimek J., Wachniew P., Widerlund A. 2011. Groundwater Dependent Ecosystems: Part I - Hydroecology, threats and status of ecosystems. Environmental Science and Policy, 14, 770-781.
  5. Kløve B., Ala-aho P., Allan A., Bertrand G., Druzynska E., Ertürk A., Goldscheider N., Henry S., Karakaya N., Karjalainen T.P. ,Koundouri P., Kværner J., Lundberg A.., Muotka T., Preda E., Pulido Velázquez M., Schipper P. 2011. Groundwater Dependent Ecosystems: Part II – Ecosystem services and management under risk of climate Change and Land-Use Management. Environmental Science and Policy, 14, 782-793.
  6. Hökkä, H. Hyttinen, H. Marttila, H. Jämsen, J. Klöve B. 2011. Effect of peak runoff control method on growth of Scots pine stands in drained peatlands in central Finland. Silva Fennica (accepted).
  7. Marttila H, Vuori K-M, Hökkä H, Jämsen J & Klöve B. (2010) Design and application of peak runoff control method for water quality management in peatland forestry. Forest Ecology and Management, 260, 1262-1273.
  8. Marttila H & Klöve B (2010) Managing runoff, water quality and erosion in peatland forestry by peak runoff control. Ecological engineering, 36(7), 900-911.
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  10. Marttila H, Postila H & Kløve, B 2010. Calibration of turbidity meter and acoustic doppler velocimetry (Triton-ADV) for sediment types present in drained peatland headwaters: Focus on particulate organic peat River research and applications, 26(8): 1019-1035.
  11. Saarinen, T. Vuori, K.M. Alasaarela, E. and Kløve, B. 2010. Long-term trends and variation of acidity, CODMn and colour in coastal rivers of Western Finland in relation to climate and hydrology. Science of the Total Environment 408, 5019-5027.
  12. Okkonen J. Kløve, B 2010. A conceptual and statistical approach for the analysis of climate impact on ground water table fluctuation patterns in cold conditions. Journal of Hydrology, 388 (1- 2), 1-12.
  13. Tammela, S., Marttila, H., Dey, S. Klöve, B. 2010. Effect and design of an underminer restoration structure on flow distribution and local bed topography, Journal of Hydraulic Research, 48 (2): 188-196.
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