Dr. Syed Habib Bokhari

Comsats Institute of Information Technology




2002 Ph.D., University of Glasgow, Microbiology & Immunology

1997 M. Phil., Quaid-i-Azam University, Biotechnology

Publications (Selected)

  1. H. Bokhari,1 F. Said1, M.A. Syed1, A. Hussain,2 Y. F. Kazi, 2 Teemu Kallonenc, Qiushui Hec, Audrey J. Kingd K. Heuvelman3 and F. R. Mooi3 . 2011. Whooping Cough in Pakistan: high isolation rate of Bordetella parapertussis in 2005-2009. (Accepted: FEMS Immunology & Medical Microbiology) (IF= 2.35)
  2. Bokhari Habib1*, Zafar Sadia1 and Bilal Iram1. 2011. BORDETELLA AUTOTRANSPORTER PROTEIN C IS AN ADHESION FACTOR FOR BORDETELLA PERTUSSIS. (Accepted: Journal of basic biology ( IF= 1.32)
  3. H. Bokhari,F. Said, M.A. Syed, A. Hussain, Y. F. Kazi, K. Heuvelman A. king, He Q and F. R. Mooi. 2011. Whooping cough in Pakistan: Bordetella pertussis vs Bordetella parapertussis in 2005 – 2009  (Available online:Scandinavian journal of infectious diseases ( IF= 1.72)
  4. M. A. Syed1*, A. S. Bhatti2, R. Guduru3, C. Z. Li3 and S. H. A. Bokhari . 2011. Use of SPR biosensor for the study of proteolytic action of a serine protease enzyme (Accepted: American Journal of Biomedical Sciences)
  5. H. Bokhari, H. Bilal, M. Anwer & Patrick Gillevet. 2011. Evidences of lateral gene transfer between Archaea and pathogenic bacterial genomes (Bioinformation, 6(8): 293-296); ( IF= 1.43)
  6. Asif Raza, Hira Shareef, Hira Salim, Rashid Khushal, Habib Bokhari& 2011. Selection of predicted siRNA as potential antiviral therapeutic agent against influenza virus ( Bioinformation, 6(9): 340-343; ( IF= 1.43)
  7. Sadia Zafar, Arshan Nasir, Habib Bokhari. 2011. Computational analysis reveals abundance of potential glycoproteins in Archaea, Bacteria and Eukarya. Bioinformation, 6(9): 352-355; ( IF= 1.43)     INDIA
  8. Mojtaba Noofeli, Habib Bokhari, Paul Blackburn, Mark Roberts, John Coote & Roger Parton. 2011. BapC autotransporter protein is a virulence determinant of Bordetella pertussis.  Microbial Pathogenesis: 51(3):169-77. ( IF= 2.34)
  9. Syed Tabish, Abbas Raza, Arshan Nasir, Sadia Zafar and Habib Bokhari. 2011. Analysis of glycosylation patterns and glycosyltransferases in Bacteria and Archaea (Bioinformation, 6(5): 191-195; (IF= 1.43)
  10. Idrees, M., Mussarat, U., Badshah, Y., Qadir, M and Bokhari, H*.  2011. Prevalence of antimicrobial resistance and integrons in uropathogenic Escherichia coli, from Punjab, Pakistan : Brazilian Journal of Microbiology 42: 462-466 ( IF= 0.62)
  11. Maleeha Azam, Rob W.J.Collin,Ayesha Malik, Muhammad I. Khan, Syed Tahir A. Shah1 Aftab A. Shah, Alamdar Hussain, Ahmed Sadeque, Kentar Arimadyo Muhammad Ajmal, Ayesha Azam Nadeem Qureshi, Habib Bokhari, Tim M. Strom, Frans P. M. Cremers, Raheel Qamar, Anneke I. den Hollander. 2011. Identification of novel mutations in Pakistani families with autosomal recessive retinitis pigmentosa (In Press/Accepted. Archives of Ophthalmology (IF= 3.86)
  12. Syed M. A and Bukhari S. H. A*. 2011. Gold nanoparticle based microbial detection and identification. J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. Vol. 7, 1–9, 2011 (IF=2.626)
  13. Muhammad Idrees1, Muhammad Ali Shah1 Raheel Qamar1 and Habib Bokhari1*. 2011. Antimicrobial Resistant Escherichia coli Strains Isolated from Food Animals in Pakistan.  Pakistan Journal of Zoology. 43(2), 303-310, (IF= 0.15)
  14. H. Bokhari*, C. Smith, K. Veerendra, J. Sivaraman, M. Sikaroodi, P. Gillevet. 2010. Novel Fluorescent Proteins From Hydnophora Rigida Possess Cyano emission. Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications 396(3):631-636.(IF= 2.59)
  15. Amna Salman, Atefeh Taherian Fard Arshan Nasir & Habib Bokhari. 2010. Comparative analysis of organophosphate degrading enzymes from diverse species. Bioinformation 5(2): 67-72 ( IF= 1.43)
  16. Muhammad Ali Syed, Umair Manzoor, Ismat Shah and Habib Ali Bukhari*. 2010. .Antibacterial effects of Tungsten nanoparticles on the Escherichia coli strains isolated from catheterized urinary tract infection (UTI) cases and Staphylococcus aureus. New Microbiologica., 33(4):329-35.  ( IF= 0.96)

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