Dr. Paolo Censi

Geology and Environmental Sciences

University of Palermo, Italy

Associate Professor of Geochemistry





1990 M.Sc., University of Palermo, Chemistry

1980 M.Sc., University of Palermo, Geology


Publications (Selected)

  1. Censi, P., Cangemi, M., Brusca, L., Madonia, P., Saiano, F., Zuddas, P. The behavior of rare-earth elements, Zr and Hf during biologically-mediated deposition of silica-stromatolites and carbonate-rich microbial mats (2013) Gondwana Research.
  2. Censi, P., Randazzo, L.A., D'Angelo, S., Saiano, F., Zuddas, P., Mazzola, S., Cuttitta, A. Relationship between lanthanide contents in aquatic turtles and environmental exposures (2013) Chemosphere, 91 (8), pp. 1130-1135.
  3. Censi, P., Zuddas, P., Randazzo, L.A., Tamburo, E., Speziale, S., Cuttitta, A., Punturo, R., Aricò, P., Santagata, R. Source and nature of inhaled atmospheric dust from trace element analyses of human bronchial fluids (2011) Environmental Science and Technology, 45 (15), pp. 6262-6267.
  4. Censi, P., Tamburo, E., Speziale, S., Zuddas, P., Randazzo, L.A., Punturo, R., Cuttitta, A., Aricò, P. Yttrium and lanthanides in human lung fluids, probing the exposure to atmospheric fallout (2011) Journal of Hazardous Materials, 186 (2-3), pp. 1103-1110. Cited 4 times.
  5. Censi, P., Sprovieri, M., Larocca, D., Aricò, P., Saiano, F., Mazzola, S., Ferla, P.
  6. Alteration effects of volcanic ash in seawater: Anomalous Y/Ho ratios in coastal waters of the Central Mediterranean sea (2007) Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 71 (22), pp. 5405-5422.

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