Prof. Nazmi Çetin

University of Erciyes, Turkey
Associate Professor



2002 Ph.D., Physiology, University of Ankara, Turkey

1993 DVM, Selcuk University, Turkey

Publications (Selected)

  1. Çetin N, Çetin E, Toker M.(2005). Echocardiographic variables in healthy guineapigs anesthetized with ketamine-xylazine. Laboratory Animals-UK, 39 (1):100-106.
  2. Çetin N, Kocaoğlu Güçlü B, Çetin E. (2005). The Effects of probiotic and mannanoligosaccharide on some hematologic and immunologic parameters in turkeys. Journal of Veterinary Medicine Series A, 52:263-267
  3. Çetin N,Çetin E, Eraslan G, Bilgili A (2007) Chlorpyrifos induces cardiac dysfunction in rabbits. Research in Veterinary Science. 82:405-408.
  4. Çetin E, Silici S, Çetin N, Güçlü BK. (2010). Effects of Diets Containing Different Concentrations of Propolis on Hematological and Immunological Variables in Laying Hens. Poultry Science8:1703-1708.
  5. Arıcı ÖF. Çetin N. (2011). Protective effect of ghrelin against carbontetrachloride-induced coagulation disturbances in rats. Regulatory peptides. 166:139-142.
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