Dr. Thorsten Rudroff
University of Colorado, USA
2001 Ph.D., Sports and Exercise Science, University of Constance, Germany
1989 M.Sc., Physical Therapy, Sports and Exercise Science, German Sports University, Germany                       
1986 B.Sc., Sports and Exercise Science, German Sports University, Germany
Publications (Selected)
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  2. Jesunathadas M, Rudroff T, Enoka RM. Changes in muscle architecture of tibialis anterior are not associated with the steadiness of ankle dorsiflexion in young and old adults. Eur J Appl Physiol 110: 1175-1186,2010.
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  7. Mendez-Villanueva A, Baudry S, Riley Z, Rudroff T. Influence of rest duration on muscle activation during submaximal intermittent contractions with the elbow flexor muscles. J Sports Med Phys Fitness 49: 255-64, 2009.
  8. Rudroff T, Staudenmann, Enoka RM. Electromyographic measures of muscle activation and changes in muscle architecture in human elbow flexor muscles during fatiguing contractions. J Appl Physiol 104: 1720-6, 2009.
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