Dr. Alireza Firooz

Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Tehran






1990 M.D., Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran


Publications (Selected)

  1. Pazoki-Toroudi H, Ajami M, Habibey R, Hajiaboli E, Firooz A. The effect of Enalapril on skin viability is independent of angiotensin II AT1 receptors. Annals of Plastic Surgery 2009;62:699-702.
  2. Seirafi H, Farnaghi F, Firooz A, Mostafa S, Talaei-Khoei, Davarai P, Gorouhi F. Comparison of seropositivity of human T lymphotropic virus type 1 in mycosis fungoides and normal volunteers: A case control study and review of literature. Indian J Dermatol Venereol Leprol 2009,75:363-7.
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  4. Davoudi SM, Keshavarz S, Sadr B, Shohrati M, Naghizadeh MM, Farsinejad K, Rashighi-Firouzabadi M, Zartab H, Firooz A. Comparison of skin erythema and melanin level in sulfur mustard induced chronic skin lesions and normal skin. Iranian Journal of Dermatology 2009;11:151-55.
  5. Gorji H, Shahbazi N, Habibollahi P, Tavangar SM, Firooz A, Ghahremani MH. The gluthatione-S-transferase P1 polymorphisms correlates with changes in expression of TP53 tumor suppressor in cutaneous basal cell carcinoma. Journal of Dermatological Science 2009;56:207-209.
  6. Gorouhi F, Firooz A, Khatami A, Ladoyanni E, Bouzari N, Kamangar F, Gill JK. Interventions for cutaneous lichen planus (protocol). Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews 2009; 4 No: CD008038
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  27. Davari P, Gorouhi F, Hashemi P, Behnia F, Ghassemi A, Nasiri-Kashani M, Firooz A. Pulsed dye laser treatment with different onset times for new surgical scars: A single blind randomized controlled trial. Lasers in Medical Science. In press
  28. Nassiri Kashani M, Fanian F, Sadr B, Kamyab K, Mirshams Shahshahani M, Noormohammdpour P, Zartab H, Sarraf-Yazdi M, Firooz A. Pre-operative assessment of basal cell carcinoma dimensions using high-frequency ultrasonography and its correlation with histopathology. Skin Research & Technology. In press.
  29. Firooz A, Sadr B, Babakoohi S, Sarraf-Yazdi M, Fanian F, Kazerouni-Timsar A, Nassiri Kashani M, Naghizadeh MM, Dowlati Y. Variation of biophysical parameters of the skin with age, gender and body region. TheScientificWorldJOURNAL. 

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