Prof. Alexander M. Krymskii

Southern Federal University, Russia



Ph.D., Rostov State University, Russia

B.Sc., Rostov State University, Russia

Publications (Selected)

  1. 1978 Krymskii, A.M., L.S. Marochnik, P.D. Naselskii and N. V. Pelikhov, Turbulence in cosmology. III - The effect of non-linear interactions on the universe expansion law - Quantum turbulence near singularity. Ap. and Space Sci., 55, 325.
  2. 1978 Krymskii, A.M. and A.B. Mikhailovskii, Stability of internal kink mode inTOKAMAK with high plasma pressure, (in Russian), Fizika Plazmy, 4, 888-897.
  3. 1979 Krymskii, A.M. and A.B. Mikhailovskii, Drift effects in theory of the MHD modes of TOKAMAK, (in Russian), Fizika Plazmy, 5, 136- 149.
  4. 1979 Krymskii, A.M. and A.B. Mikhailovskii, Suppression of the internal kiJ, (in Russian), Fizika Plazmy, 5, 501-511.bnk mode m=1 in TOKAMAK with high
  5. 1981 Krymskii, A.M., Internal kink modes in non-circular cross-section TOKAMAK with high plasma pressure, (in Russian), Fizika Plazmy, 7, 678 – 686.
  6. 1982 Bachin, I.V., V.B. Krasovitskii and A.M. Krymskii, Stationary non-linear waves of charge density in plasma-beam systems, (in Russian), Fizika Plazmy, 8, 593–599.
  7. 1983 Krymskii, A.M. and G.I. Suramlishvili, Resistive instabilities of slightly collisional plasma in TOKAMAK, (in Russian), Fizika Plazmy, 9, 523–527.
  8. 1985 Krymskii, A.M., Peculiarities in effects of electron non-linearity in multi-dimensional Langmuir waves, (in Russian), Fizika Plazmy, 11, 721-726.
  9. 1986 Krymskii, A. M.; Breus, T. K. Some questions concerning solar wind flow about Venus, Cosmic Researchs, 24,p.778
  10. 1987Krymskii, A.M., On stability of the Venus ionopause, (in Russian), Kosmicheskie Issledovaniya, 25, 456-463.
  11. 1987 Breus, T. K.; Krymskii, A. M.; Mitnitskii, V. Ya. Effect of an Extended Neutral Atmosphere on the Interaction of the Solar Wind and the Nonmagnetic Bodies of the Solar System. I. Venus, Cosmic Researchs, 25,p.107
  12. 1987Breus, T.K. and A.M. Krymskii, Some problems of the solar wind interaction with Venus, Planet. Space Sci., 35, 1213–1219.
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  14. 1987Belotserkovskii, O.M., T. K. Breus, A.M. Krymskii, V. Ya. Mitnitskii , A. F. Nagy and T. I. Gombosi, The effect of the hot oxygen corona on the interaction of the solar wind with Venus, Geophys. Res. Lett., 14, 503-506.
  15. 1987Breus, T.K., A.M. Krymskii and V. Ya. Mitnitskii, Interaction of mass- loaded solar wind flow with blunt body, Planet. Space Sci., 35, 1221–1227.
  16. 1988 Breus, T. K.; Krymskii, A. M.; Mitnitskii, V. Ia. Numerical simulation of the effect of the neutral atmosphere of Mars on the interaction with the solar wind, Cosmic Researchs, 26,p.934.
  17. 1988Krymskii, A.M. and T.K. Breus, Magnetic fields in the Venus ionosphere: General features, J. Geophys. Res., 93, 8459 –8472.
  18. 1989Breus, T.K., S.J. Bauer, A.M. Krymskii and V. Ya. Mitnitskii, Mass loading in the solar wind interaction with Venus and Mars, J. Geophys. Res., 94, 2375-2382.
  19. 1990 Breus, T. K.; Krymskii, A. M. Turbulent pickup of new ions at Venus and Mars and problems associated with the numerical modeling of the solar-wind interaction with these planets. I - Characteristics of solar-wind interaction with planet, Cosmic Researchs, 28,p.923.
  20. 1991 Breus, T. K.; Krymskii, A. M.; Mitnitskii, V. Ia. Turbulent collectivization processes of new ions near Venus and Mars, and problems of numerical modeling of solar wind interaction with these planets. II - A two-fluid MHD model, Cosmic Researchs, 29,p.432.

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