Prof. Gopalakrishnarao Parthasarathy

National Geophysical Research Institute-CSIR, India



Ph.D., Indian Institute of Science, India

M.Sc., Annamalai University, India

B.Sc., Annamalai University, India

Publications (Selected)

  1. R. Arundhathi, B. Sreedhar, G.Parthasarathy. Highly efficient heterogeneous catalyst for O-arylation of phenols with aryl halides using natural ferrous chamosite. Applied Clay Science (2011).
  2. G. Parthasarathy, and B. Sreedhar. Pressure dependence of the electrical resistivity of natural cassiterite  SnO2, and of undoped and Co-doped nanocrystalline SnO2 , Philosophical Magazine Letters (2011).
  3. G. Parthasarathy. Electrical properties of Natural and synthetic nano-crystalline MgTiO¬3 Geikielite at mantle pressure and temperature conditions. American Mineralogist (2011).
  4. G.N. H. Kumar, G. Parthasarathy, J.L. Rao, Low temperature Electron Paramagnetic Resonance studies on natural calumetite from Khetri copper mine, Rajasthan, India, American Mineralogist (2011).
  5. B.J. Saikia, G.Parthasarathy Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopic characterization of Kaolinite from Assam and Meghalaya, Northeastern India, Journal of Modern Physics  1, 206-210 (2010).
  6. U. Chandra, G. Parthasarathy, P. Sharma. Mössbauer spectroscopic studies on synthesized CuFe2S3 at high pressures up to 7 GPa- comparison with mineral cubanite. Canadian Mineralogist 48, 1137-1147 (2010).
  7. B. Sreedhar, R. Arundhathi, G.Parthasarathy. Chamosite –A Naturally Occurring Clay- A versatile catalyst for various organic transformations. Clay Minerals.45, 281-299 (2010).
  8. B. Sreedhar, and G. Parthasarathy. Nanocrystalline SnO2 at the Earth’s mantle pressures up to 9 GPa. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta Volume 74,  A 984 ( 2010).
  9. G. Parthasarathy. Micro-Raman spectroscopic study of Ararki (L5) Chondrite. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta Volume 74,   A 797 (2010).
  10. O.P. Pandey, G. Parthasarathy, S. Massod Ahmad and P. Tripathi. Mantle metasomatism in the basement of the Deccan trap: Stable carbon and oxygen isotopes compositions of carbonates from the Killari borehole Maharashtra, India. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta Volume 74,  A 788( 2010).
  11. G.N. H. Kumar, G. Parthasarathy, J.L. Rao. Thermal and spectroscopic investigations of nanocrystalline calumetite Cu (OH,Cl2). 2 H2O. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta Volume 74, Issue 12, Supplement 1,  A 545 (2010).
  12. Usha Chandra , G. Parthasarathy , Pooja Sharma, High-pressure phase transition in Microwave synthesized ( CuFe2S3) : resistivity studies up to 9 GPa. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta Volume 74,  A159( 2010).
  13. Usha Chandra, Pooja Sharma and G. Parthasarathy Electrical Resistivity of a Precambrian native iron sample at high-pressures up to 9 GPa. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta Volume 74,   A158( 2010).
  14. Usha. Chandra, Pooja. Sharma, G. Parthasarathy, and B. Sreedhar. 57Fe Mossbauer Spectroscopy and electrical resistivity studies on naturally occurring native iron under high pressures up to 9.1 GPa. American Mineralogist (2010). 95, 870-875, (2010).
  15. G.N. Hemantha Kumar, G. Parthasarathy, R.P.S. Chakradhar, J. L. Rao, and Y.C. Ratnakaram. Temperature dependence on the electron paramagnetic resonance spectra of natural jasper from Taroko Gorge (Taiwan). Physics and Chemistry of Minerals. 37, 201-208 (2010).
  16. P. Tripathi, O.P. Pandey, G. Parthasarathy Anomalous thermal structure and upwarping of mafic crust below the K-T- boundary impact site offshore near Mumbai- Implication for Hydrocarbon occurrences. 8th Biennial International Conference and Exposition on Petroleum Geophysics P182-1 to P182-4. (2010).
  17. U. Chandra and G. Parthasarathy Study of Naturally occurring Precambrian native Iron through High-pressure Mössbauer spectroscopy up to 10 GPa. Shock compression of Condensed matter-2009 parts 1 and 2 , volume 1195, AIP proceedings, Edited M.L. Elert, W.T. Butller, M.D. Furnish, W.W. Anderson, W.G. Proud. American Institute of Physics. 886-889 (2009).
  18. N. Bhandrai, S.V. S. Murty, RR. Mahajan, G. Parthasarathy, P.N. Shukla, M.S. Sisodia, V.K. Rai. Kaprada  (L5/6) Chondrite: Chemistry, petrography, noble gases, and nuclear tracks. Planetary and Space Sciences v 57, 2048-2052, 2009.
  19. B J. Saikia, G. Parthasarathy, N.C. Sarmah. Spectroscopic Characterization of Olivine [(Fe,Mg)2SiO4] in Mahadevpur H4/5 ordinary chondrite. Journal of Ameican Science 5, 71-78, (2009).
  20. G.N.H. Kumar, G. Parthasarathy, R.P.S. Chakradhar, I. Omkaram, J.L. Rao,and Y.C. Ratnakaram. Electron paramagnetic resonance studies on clinochlore from Longitudinal Valley area, northeastern Taiwan. Physics and Chemsitry of Minerals. 36, 447-453 (2009).

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