Prof. M. B. Rama Murthy

CMR College of Engineering and Technology, India



Ph.D., Karnatak University, India

M.Sc., Communication Systems-Regional Engineering College, India

Publications (Selected)

  1. A Novel Scheme for Impedance measurement in laboratory using Microprocessor" M B Ramamurty and V.SMurty International Journal of Engineering  Studies Nov2009.
  2. A perceptual approach to reduce musical noise using critical bands tonality coefficients and masking thresholds Ch.V.Rama Rao, M.B Rama Murthy, K Srinivasa Rao, Int. J. Communications, Network and System Sciences, Vol2,pp 742-745 2009.
  3. Speech Enhancement in Non-stationary Noise Environment-an Efficient Approach Ch.V.Rama Rao, M.B.Rama Murthy   and  K.Srinivasa Rao The  I U  Journal of  Telecommunications Vol 1 PP24-31,2009.
  4. Failure data analysis and reliability studies of a sensor- International Journal of Wireless   Networks  and communications IJWNC,vol 1,no 1 pp65-71,2009. Radha, G Deepthi and M B Ramamurty-Performance Study of Power Control Radio Resource Management Over WLANs - Journal of ComputerScience- Science  Publications, USA,4(3),239-244,,2008. Z.I.Daffala, M.B.R.Murthy.
  5. Eddy Currents in laminated cores-Progress in Electromagnetcs  Research-  PIER 83 ISSN1070 .E ISSN 1559-8985,pp435-445,2008.S.Mukerji, M.George,M.B.Ramamurthy and K Asaduzzaman.
  6. Eddy Currents in Solid Rectangular Cores - Progress in Electromagnetcs  Research- PIER B ISSN 1937-6472 Vol 7,pp117-131,2008.  S.K. Mukerji, MGeorge, M.B. Ramamurthy andK.Asaduzzaman.
  7. Analytical solutions of  Electromagnetic Fields in Prismatic Regions-  International  Journal  of  Electrical    Engineering Education -UK-January 2008 (issue 45 no 1 ).Saurabh Kumar  Mukerji, M.B. Ramamurthy and Sandeep Kumar Goel.
  8. The Performance ofMobileCellular Traffic with the Effect of Outage Channels. “Encyclopedia ofMobilecomputing and Commerce” EMCC2007,Idea Group Publishers. Hussein M. Aziz Basi   M.B.Ramamurthy.
  9. WLAN-GPRS tight coupling based architecture with vertical hand off support – Wireless   Personal Communications- Springer Netherlands -9th Dec 2006 on line-Fredson Alfred Phiri, M.B.Ramamurthy.
  10. The Simulation study on the effect   of outage channels on Mobile cellular Network- IJCNS International Journal of Computer Science and Network Security- vol 6 no 4, pp146-150 2006 .Hussein M. Aziz Basi , M.B.Ramamurthy.
  11. Improved Performance of Traffic Dependent Outage Rate Cellular System. Journal of ComputerScience- Science  Publications,USA,1(1),72-75,2005- M.B.R.Murthy, Hussein?.M? Aziz? Basi.
  12. Performance Analysis of Downward Handoff Latency? in a WLAN/GPRS  Interworking?System.? Journal of  Computer   Science- Science publications, USA,1(1),24-27,2005M.B.R.Murthy,?Fredson.A.Phiri.
  13. A simple scheme for improved performance of fixed outage rate cellular systems. American?Journal of Applied Sciences-1(3),190-192,2004- M.B.R.Murthy, Hussein M A. Basi.
  14. An economical arrangement for measuring low D.C voltage\current using op-amp  741, Journal?of?? Instrument    Society ofIndia, v. 19, 38, 40 ,1989. M.B.R.Murthy, R.L.Patil.
  15. A Simple laboratory technique of measuring very low capacitance, Journal of  Instrument???Society ofIndia, vo19,    297- 299,1989. M.B.R.Murthy,R.L.Patil.
  16. Measurements on polar liquids at a microwave frequency- Evaluation of molecular?  parameters A new method.  *Pramana,? vol 61, 2003. M.B.R.Murthy, B.S.Daya Sagar and R.L.Patil.
  17. Investigation of dielectric virial coefficients of methoxy acetic acid. * Asian  Journal of   Chemistry,?vol 15 No.2,pp1187-1189, 2003. M.B.R.Murthy,B.S.Daya Sagar and  R.L.Patil.
  18. The Study of dipole moment of some substituted acetic acids in an  electronically excited state  * Spectrochimica Acta   Part A,vol 59 no 6 pp 1277-1280,2003.  M.B.R.Murthy,B.S. Daya Sagar and? R.L.Patil.
  19. Evaluation of molecular parameters-Viscosity variation method,* Asian Journal     of??Chemistry, vol 15 No.1 pp 331- 334,2003.  M.B.R.Murthy,B.S.Daya Sagar and R.L.Patil.
  20. Study of activation energy of Methoxy acetic acid in different solvents,*Asian  Journal of Chemistry, v.14,No.3, pp1811-1812,2002. M.B.R. Murthy,B.S.Daya Sagar,and P.Barman. Visco- elastic relaxation studies of polar molecules mixture in a non-polar solvent,  *IndianJournal of Pure and   Applied  Physics,v.29,pp288-290,1991.  M.B.R.Murthy,R.L.Patil and D.K.Deshpande.
  21. Ultrasonic and Dielectric studies on a binary system of methoxy acetic acid in  benzene. *Indian Journal of Pure  and Applied Physics, v.29, 134-135, 1991.  M.B.R.Murthy, R.L.Patil and D.K.Deshpande.
  22. An empirical modification to Higasi's equation for evaluation of dipole moment of polar?substance in a non- polar  solvent, *Current Science, v.58, 146- 148,1989.? M.B.R.Murthy,R.L.Patil.
  23. Microwave conductivity-evaluation of relaxation time and dipole moment -a new?approach, Indian Journal of   Physics, v. 63B, 491-493,1989.  M.B.R.Murthy, R.L.Patil and?D.K.Deshpande.
  24. Estimation of electric dipole moment of polar molecules from static measurements in dilute Solution - empirical  modification to Guggenheim's and Halverstedt & Kumler's quations,Acta?Ciencia Indica, v. XVP, 3,129-132,1989. M.B.R.Murthy,R.L.Patil  and D.K.Deshpande.
  25. A Simple Technique of measuring dielectric parameters of liquids at different frequencies, Indian Journal of Pure and Applied Physics, v. 26, 573-574,1988.  M.B.R.Murthy,R.L.Patil and K.S.Rao.

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