Prof. Hülya Cicek

Medical Biochemistry Department

School of Medicine Gaziantep University, Turkey



2019 Prof.Dr., Biochemistry and Clinical Biochemistry Department, University of Gaziantep in Gaziantep, Turkey

2013 Assoc.Prof., Biochemistry and Clinical Biochemistry Department, University of Gaziantep in Gaziantep, Turkey

2007 Asst.Prof., Biochemistry and Clinical Biochemistry Department, University of Gaziantep in Gaziantep, Turkey

2004 Ph.D., Biochemistry and Clinical Biochemistry Department, University of Gaziantep in Gaziantep, Turkey

1991 M.D., University of Cukurova in Adana, Turkey

Publications (Selected)

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Profile Details

I also conduct academic studies in various disciplines. I worked as a thesis supervisor at the master's graduate and doctoral levels of many students. I am a member of editorial or reviewer boards of international eminent journals. I managed the central laboratory of the training and research hospital for a long time. My research interests are focused on clinical biochemistry, biochemical technics, molecular biology, genetics, cancer research, vitamin D, cardiac biomarkers, urology, neurologic diseases, dermatological biomarkers, obstetrics and gynecology and homocysteine. I am a member of The Turkish Society of Biochemistry, The Turkish Society of Clinical Biochemistry and Society of Clinical Biochemistry Experts. My native language is Turkish and foreign language is English.

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