Prof. Merlyn Sedano Mendioro

Institute of Biological Sciences

University of the Philippines Los Banos, Philippines







Publications (selected)

  1. Moneva, CSO, RSA Vega, PP Sangel, A Angeles and MS Mendioro. 2020. Genetic Variability in the growth hormone gene (A781G) and its association with the milk yield performance in crossbreed Anglo-Nubian dairy goats. Phil J. of Science. 149(3): 503-509.
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  3. Sabiha Parween, JJ Anonuevo, VM Butardo, G Misra, R Anacleto, C Llorente, O Kosik, MV Romero, EH Bandonil, MS Mendioro, A Lovegrove, AR Fernie, Y Brotman, and N Sreenivasulu. 2020 Balancing the double-edged sword effect of increased resistanr starch content and its impact on rice texture: its genetic and molecular physiological mechanisms. Plant Biotechnology Journal.
  4. Sharmista Ghosal, FA Quilloy,C Casal Jr.,EM Septiningsih, MS Mendioro and S Dixit 2020 Trait-based mapping to identify the genetic factors underlying anaerobic germination of rice: Phenotyping, GxE, and QTL mapping. BMC Genetics 21; 6.
  5. Hein Zaw, C Raghavan, A Pocsedio, BP Mallikarjuna Swamy, ML Jubay, RK Singh, J Bonifacio, R Mauleon, JE Hernandez, MSMendioro, GB Gregorio, and H Leung. 2019. Exploring genetic architecture of grain yield and quality traits in a 16-way indica and japonica rice MAGIC population. Scientific Reports. Nature Research. 1-28.
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  7. Baltazar DM, JCI Ignacio, MJ Thomson, AM Isamail, MS Mendioro, EM Septiningsih 2019. QTL mapping for tolerance to anaerobic germination in rice from IR 64 and the aus landrace Kharsu 80A. Breeding Science Preview doi:1270/jsbbs.18159. 1-7.
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  9. Apolinario, JJG, CDR Medina, LRI Velasco and MS Mendioro 2018. Morphological, molecular and life-history homogeneity among local populations of Scirtothrips dorsalis Hood (Thysanopter: Thripidae in the Philippines. Phillip Agric. Scientist. 101(3): 271-278.
  10. Medina CDR, SJQ Ronquillo, MS Mendioro, P Kolesik and I Newton 2017.Morphological and molecular characterization of the various species of Protcontarinia (Diptera: Cecidomyiidae) attacking mango in the Philippines. Acta Hortic.1183: 287-290.
  11. Pascual ED, CB Dela Vina, M Mendioro, JS Hernadez. JC Amas, AGC Sajise, and GB Gregorio. 2017 New QTL for salt tolerance at the seedling stage in rice var. Hasawi using recombinant inbred lines Philipp. Agric. Scientist 100(2): 200-210.
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  13. Adajar JCO, MS Mendioro, LN Villamael, LM Engle, MCC Manuel, and JE Hernadez 2017. Cytogenetic analysis of five recommended and released Philippine varieties of sugarcane (Saccharum officinarum L.) and their parentals. Caryologia. Inter. J. of Cyto, Systematics and Cyto gen. 70:16-20
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  15. Icalia PJ, AJ Salces, CS Sevilla, MS Mendioro and G Ludan. 2016. Genetic structure of four bovine populations in the Philippines using microsatellites. Philipp. J.Vet. Anim Sci. 42(1): 16-20.
  16. Agatep, RC, AL Lambio, RS Vega, SS Capitan, MS Mendioro, and MGN Yebron 2016. Microsatellite-based genetic diversity and relationship analyses of three genetic groups of domesticated mallard ducks (Anas platyrhynchos domesticus L.) Philip. J. Vet Anim. Sci. 42(2):102-111.
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