Prof. Manzhao Ouyang

The First People’s Hospital of Shunde Foshan, China




2019 Ph.D., Southern Medical University, China

Publications (Selected)

  1. Ouyang, Manzhao; Luo, Zhentao; Zhang, Weijie; Zhu, Dajian; Lu, Yan; Wu, Jinhao; Yao, Xueqing; Protective effect of curcumin against irinotecan-induced intestinal mucosal injury via attenuation of NF-kappa B activation, oxidative stress and endoplasmic reticulum stress, International Journal of Oncology, 2019. 54(4): 1376-1386.
  2. Ouyang, Manzhao; Luo, Zhentao; Wu, Jinhao; Zhang, Weijie; Tang, Shibin; Lu, Yan; Hu, Weixian; Yao, Xueqing; Comparison of outcomes of complete mesocolic excision with conventional radical resection performed by laparoscopic approach for right colon cancer, Cancer Management and Research, 2019, 11: 8647-8656.
  3. Ouyang, Manzhao; Liao, Tianyou; Lu, Yan; Deng, Leilei; Luo, Zhentao; Wu, Jinhao; Ju, Yongle; Yao, Xueqing ; Laparoscopic versus Open Surgery in Lateral Lymph Node Dissection for Advanced Rectal Cancer: A Meta-Analysis , Ga stroenterology Research and Practice, 2019.1(2): 0-7689082.
  4. Liao, Tianyou; Deng, Leilei; Ouyang, Manzhao. Comparison of the safety and efficacy between linear stapler and circular stapler in totally laparoscopic total gastrectomy: protocol for a systematic review and meta-analysis. BMJ Open, 2019,9(5): e28216.
  5. Xu, Pengfei ; Ye, Shuangyan; Li, Keyi; Huang, Mengqiu; Wang, Qianli; Zeng, Sisi; Chen, Xi; Gao, Wenwen; Chen, Jianping; Zhang, Qianbing; Zhong,Zhuo; Lin, Ying; Rong, Zhili; Xu, Yang; Hao, Bingtao; Peng, Anghui; Ouyang, Manzhao; Liu, Qiuzhen;NOS1 inhibits the interferon response of cancer cells NSFC by S-nitrosylation of HDAC2. J Exp Clin Cancer Res, 2019, 38(1): 0-483.
  6. Ouyang Manzhao, et al. Expression and significance of Twist1 protein in ulcerative colitis and colorectal cancer, Journal of Jinan University (Natural Science and medicine), 2018 (03): 256-261.
  7. Ouyang Manzhao, et al. Clinical study of colorectal cancer patients complicated with diverting colitis. [J]. Chinese Journal of clinical anatomy, 2018, 36 (03): 338-342.
  8. Ouyang Manzhao, et al. Comparative study of laparoscopic complete mesorectal excision and laparoscopic traditional radical resection for right colon cancer. [J]. Journal of practical medicine, 2017, 33 (May Supplement): 25-27.
  9. Ouyang Manzhao, et al. The role of Twist1 gene in oxaliplatin and fluorouracil resistance of colon cancer LoVo cells. [J]. Guangdong Medical Journal, 2016, 37 (22): 3354-3358.
  10. Ouyang Manzhao, et al. Study on surgical plane and surgical path of laparoscopic complete mesorectal excision for right colon cancer (report of 44 cases). [J]. Chinese Journal of Practical Surgery, 2015, 35 (2): 187-190.
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