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Sa'ib J. Al-Khouri

Department of Basic Sciences

American University of Madaba, Jordan

Associate Professor

Email: s.khouri@aum.edu.jo


2003 Ph.D., Duisburg-Essen University, Germany, Chemistry

1991 M.D., Yarmouk University, Jordan, Chemistry

1985 B.S., Yarmouk University, Jordan, Chemistry

Publications (Selected)

  1. Conductivity Method as a New Monitoring Technique for Corrosion and Corrosion Inhibition Processes of Zinc Metal, accepted in Americal Journal of Analytical Chemistry, 11 (2020) Abdelmnim M. Altwaiq, Sa’ib J. Khouri, Rami A. Abdel-Rahem, Ahmad K. Alkhawaldeh
  2. Deceleration the Hydrolysis Reaction of Ethyl Acetate Ester by β-Cyclodextrin in Basic medium: Transition State Analog, J Incl Phenom Macrocycl Chem, DOI 10.1007/s10847-017-0700-1 (2017) Authors: Sa’ib J. Khouri and Abdelmnim Altwaiq
  3. Sodium lignosulfonate as a friendly-environment corrosion inhibitor for zinc metal in acidic media, Eurasian Journal of Analytical Chemistry 10 (1) (2015) 10-18. Authors: Abdelmnim Altwaiq, Rami Abdel-Rahem, Ehab AlShamaileh, Salah Al-luaibi, Sa’ib Khouri
  4. Titrimetric Study of the Solubility and Dissociation of Benzoic Acid in Water: Effect of Ionic Strength and Temperature, American Journal of Analytical Chemistry, 6 (2015) 429-436. Author: Sa’ib J. Khouri
  5. A thermodynamic study of α-, β-, and γ-cyclodextrin-complexed m-methyl red in alkaline solutions, J Incl Phenom Macrocycl Chem, 77 (2013) 105–112. Authors: Sa’ib J. Khouri, Ibrahim A. Abdel-Rahim, and Ehab M. Alshamaileh
  6. Equilibrium and Structural Study of m-Methyl Red in Aqueous Solutions: Distribution Diagram Construction, J Solution Chem, 42 (2013) 1844–1853. Authors: Sa’ib J. Khouri, Ibrahim A. Abdel-Rahim, Ehab M. Alshamaileh, and Abdel Mnim Altwaiq
  7. Circular Dichroism and Derivative Spectra Study of the Excitonic Aggregation of Pinacyanol by Aerosol-OT, Open Journal of Physical chemistry, 2 (2012) 35 – 41. Authors: Sa'ib J. Khouri and Volker Buss
  8. Interaction of cationic cyanine dye with algal alginates: evidence for a polymer bound dye dimer, Journal of biophysical chemistry, 2 (2011) 380 – 385. Authors: Sa'ib J. Khouri and Volker Buss
  9. The role of extracted alkali lignin as corrosion inhibitor, Journal of Material and Environmental Science, 2 (2011) 259 – 270. Authors: Abdel mnim Altwaiq, Sa’ib J. Khouri, Salah Al-luaibi, Robert Lehmann, Heiko Drücker, Carla Vogt
  10. UV/vis spectral study of the self-aggregation of pinacyanol chloride in ethanol-water solution, Journal of Solution Chemistry, 39 (2010) 121-130. Authors: Sa'ib J. Khouri and Volker Buss
  11. Induced Circular Dichroism of the Interaction between Pinacyanol and algal alginates, Carbohydrate Research, 344 (2009) 1729-1733. Authors: Sa'ib J. Khouri, Robert Knierim, and Volker Buss
  12. Circular dichroism and theoretical calculations of pinacyanol dimer inclusion in γ-cyclodextrin, Journal of Inclusion Phenomena and Macrocyclic Chemistry, 65 (2009) 287-292. Authors: Sa'ib J. Khouri, Daniel Richter and Volker Buss
  13. Determination of the stability and stoichiometry of p-MR inclusion Complexes with γ- Cyclodextrin, Dyes and Pigments, 45 (2000) 229 - 233.Authors: Khalid M. Tawarah and Sa'ib J. Khouri
  14. An equilibrium study of p-MR inclusion complexes with α and β-Cyclodextrins, Carbohydrate Research, 245 (1993) 165 - 173. Authors: Khalid M. Tawarah and Sa'ib J. Khouri
  15. The tautomeric Acid - Base equilibria of p-MR in aqueous solutions, Dyes and Pigments, 20 (1992) 261 - 270. Authors: Khalid M. Tawarah and Sa'ib J. Khouri