Prof. Roberto Manfredi

University of Bologna, Italy

Associate Professor



1988 MD, University of Bologna

Publications (Selected)

  1. Sabbatani S.; Fiorino S.; Manfredi R., The destiny of italian prisoners in austro-hungarian pow camps during the first world war: Remembering the defeat of caporetto 100 years on, «LE INFEZIONI IN MEDICINA», 2020, 28, pp. 108 - 124.
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  3. Sergio Sabbatani, Sirio Fiorino, Roberto Manfredi, Plagues and artistic votive expressions (ex voto) of popular piety, «LE INFEZIONI IN MEDICINA», 2019, 2, pp. 198 - 211.
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  5. Roberto Manfredi, Sergio Sabbatani, Filippo Trapani, Calogero Alfonso, Massimo Laus, Aggressive, metastatic squamous cell carcinoma after a 46-year-old history of chronic osteomyelitis and local infectious complications: a case report, «CLINICAL MANAGEMENT ISSUES», 2018, 12, pp. 31 - 36.
  6. Roberto Manfredi, Histoplasmosis in Italy, «CLINICAL MANAGEMENT ISSUES», 2018, 12, pp. 49 - 51.
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  8. Vandi, Giacomo; Calza, Leonardo; Girometti, Nicolò; Manfredi, Roberto; Musumeci, Giuseppina; Bon, Isabella; Re, Maria Carla, Acute onset myopericarditis as unusual presentation of primary HIV infection, «INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF STD & AIDS», 2017, 28, pp. 199 - 201.
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  12. Calza, Leonardo; Colangeli, Vincenzo; Magistrelli, Eleonora; Manfredi, Roberto; Bon, Isabella; Re, MARIA CARLA; Viale, Pierluigi, No correlation between statin exposure and incident diabetes mellitus in HIV-1-infected patients receiving combination antiretroviral therapy, «HIV MEDICINE», 2016, 17, pp. 631 - 633.
  13. Manfredi R; Cascavilla A; Magistrelli E; Legnani G; Sabbatani S, A patient with a 12-year history characterized by four non-AIDS-related malignancies, occurring before and after the disclosure of HIV infection, «EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF EPIDEMIOLOGY», 2015, 30, pp. 459 - 461.

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