Prof. Hadia Hassan Selim

National Research Institute of Astronomy and Geophysics, Egypt




1999 Ph.D., Cairo University, Egypt

1992 B.Sc., Cairo University, Egypt

Publications (Selected)

  1. M. K. Mahmoud, H. H. Selim ”The effect of solar radiation pressure on the motion of artificial satellite”. Bulletin (NRIAG), 1999.
  2. M. A. Sharaf, H. H. Selim ”Error analysis for stationary one point iteration formulae of arbitrary order of convergence for solving universal Kepler’s equation”. The first Saudi astronomical meeting, 2003.
  3. M. A. Sharaf, H. Selim and M.Ismael “Computational subroutines for some calendars with Mathematica”. Bulletin (NRIAG), 2004.
  4. H. H. Selim ”Forced nutation for the rigid earth at the first order”. Special issue (NRIAG), 2004.
  5. M. Sharaf, H. Selim and M. El-khateeb “Symbolic solution of the Goodyear’s form of the universal Kepler’s equation”. Special issue (NRIAG), 2004.
  6. M. A. Sharaf A. Sharaf and H. Selim “Analytical Solution of Abel’s Equation for Stellar Density in Globular Clustes”. Rom. Astron. J. Vol.14, No.2, 105-222, Bucharest, 2004.
  7. M. A. Sharaf, H. Selim, E. Elkholy” Associated Legendre Functions: Symbolic Computation”, Rom. Astron. J., Vol. 16, No.2, Bucharest, 2006.
  8. H. Selim “Hamiltonian of A second Order Two-Layer Earth Model” The Korean Astron. Society,40, 2007.
  9. H. H. Selim "Near Earth Objects, discovering and tracking techniques" workshop center of excellence of kottamia observatory, 2013.
  10. Selim, H.H. (2014) Analytical Third Order Solution for Coupling Effects of Earth Oblateness and Direct Solar Radiation Pressure on the Motion of Artificial Satellites. International Journal of Astronomy and Astrophysics, 4, 530-543.

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