Prof. Lizhi Xiao

College of Geophysics and Information Engineering

China University of Petroleum, China




1991-1995 Ph.D., Wuhan Institute of Physics and Mathematics, China Academy of Sciences

1984-1987 M.E., China University of Mining and Technology

1978-1982 B.E., Jianghan Petroleum Institute

Publications (selected)

  1. George Coates, Lizhi Xiao, Manfred Prammer, 2000, NMR Logging Principles and Applications, Gulf Publishing Company, USA, ISBN 0-9679026-0-6.
  2. Xiao L Z, Xie Q M, Xie R H, et al. (2013) Noise reduction for NMR logging with regulaization-heursure algorithm. Chinese J. Geophys (in Chinese), 56(11): 3943-3952.
  3. Xiao L Z, Zhang H R, Liao G Z, et al. (2012) Inversion of NMR relaxation in porous madia based on Backus-Gilbert theory. Chinese J. Geophys (in Chinese), 55(11): 3821-3828.
  4. Xiao L Z, Xie R H, Ding Y Q, et al. (2003) Recent progress and future development of NMR logging tools. Well Logging Technology, 27(4): 265-269.
  5. Xiao L Z, Xie R H, Cai X Y, et al. (2003) Well Logging Technology for The New Century: Network-Based Logging Technology. Well Logging Technology, 27(1): 6-10.
  6. Xiao L Z, Liu Y T, Fu R S. (2004) Application of nuclear magnetic resonance log to trapping capability evaluation, Acta Petro Sinica, 25(4): 38-41.
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  8. Xiao L Z. (2013) Design and implementation of NMR system in downholeextreme conditions. Journal of China University of Petroleum, 37(5): 44-54.
  9. Xiao L Z, Liu J H, Liu H B, et al. (2013) A novel low field nuclear magnetic resonance analyzer for porous media. Journal of China University of Petroleum, 37(3): 68-73.

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