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Prof. Wei Li

Arizona State University, USA



1991—1997 Ph.D., University of Southern California, USA

1982—1985 M.S., Peking University, China

1978—1982 B.S., Beijing Normal College, China

Publications (selected)

Books and Edited Volumes

  1. N.d. 《多族裔聚居郊区:北美城市的新型少数族裔社区》李唯著,徐旳、李唯译,北京:商务印书馆 Translation of Ethnoburb: the New Ethnic Community in Urban America (translated by Xu Di and Wei Li) Beijing: Commercial Press (in press)
  2. 2015 The Housing and Economic Experiences of Immigrants in North American Cities (Carlos Teixeira andWei Lieds.) Toronto: University of Toronto Press
  3. http://www.utppublishing.com/The-Housing-and-Economic-Experiences-of-Immigrants-in-U.S.-and-Canadian-Cities.html
  4. 2012  Immigrant Geographies in North American Cities (Carlos Teixeira, Wei Li, and Audrey Kobayashi eds., Oxford University Press); the 2012 Geographical Perspective of Women Specialty Group (AAG) Book Honor.http://www.oupcanada.com/catalog/9780195437829.html
  5. 2009a Ethnoburb: the New Ethnic Community in Urban America (Wei Li, University of Hawaii Press); paperback, 2012. The 2009 Book Award in Social Sciences, Association for Asian American Studies
  6. 2009b “The Experiences of Immigrants and Refugees in North American Cities” (Guest editors, Carlos Teixeira and Wei Li, Journal of Immigrant and Refugee Studies 7(3))
  7. 2007 “Immigrants and Transnational Experiences in World Cities” (Guest editors, Wei Li and Carlos Teixeira GeoJournal 68(2-3))
  8. 2006a From Urban Enclave to Ethnic Suburb: new Asian communities in Pacific Rim countries(Wei Lied., University of Hawaii Press)
  9. 2006b Landscapes of the Ethnic Economy (David Kaplan and Wei Li eds., Rowman & Little field Publishers, Inc.)

Journal Articles

  1. “Intellectual Migration and Brain Circulation: Conceptual Framework and Empirical Evidence” (Wei Li, Wan Yu, Claudia Sadowski-Smith and Hao Wang) Journal of Chinese Overseas 11(1): 43-58.
  2. “Resurging Asia and Highly-Skilled International Migration”(Wei Li and Wan Yu)Verge:Studies in Global Asias. Inaugural issue 1(1): 50-55.
  3. “Internationalization of Geography PhD Education” (Wei Li and Wan Yu)GeoJournal80(2): 231-238. (DOI: 10.1007/s10708-014-9579-1)
  4. “Return Migration and the Profiling of Non-Citizens: Highly Skilled BRIC Migrants in the Mexico–US Borderlands and Arizona's SB 1070.” (Claudia Sadowski-Smith and Wei Li)Population, Space and Place (DOI: 10.1002/psp.1868)
  5. “Bank Branch Network and Service to Immigrants” (Wei Li, Lucia Lo, and Alex Oberle) The Canadian Geographer 58(1): 48-62.
  6. “Between Asia and America: Geopolitics, Globalization, and International Migration” (Wei Li and Wan Yu) Journal of Human Geography 14 (1): 18-25.
  7. “The 21st Century Chinese America: Growth and Diversity”(Wei Li and Wan Yu), Chinese America: History and Perspectives 2014: 27-32.
  8. “Between China and the United States: Contemporary Migration Policies and Flows” (Wei Li and Wan Yu) AAPI Nexus: Asian Americans and Pacific Islander Policy, Practice and Community 10 (1): 1-20.
  9. “New Geographies of Migration? A Canada-US Comparison of Highly-Skilled Chinese and Indian Migration”(Wei Li and Lucia Lo)Journal of Asian American Studies 15 (1): 1-34.
  10. “Diasporas in the U.S.—Indians and Chinese Compared” (Wei Liand Emily Skop), Journal of Chinese Overseas 6 (2): 286-310.
  11. “Ethnobanking in the United States:From Antidiscrimination Vehicles to Transnational Entities” (Gary Dymski, Wei Li, Carolyn Aldana, and Hyeon Hyo Ahn) International Journal of Business & Globalisation 4(2): 163-191.
  12. “Katrina and Migration: Evacuation and Return in an Eastern New Orleans Suburb by African Americans and Vietnamese Americans” (Wei Li, Christopher Airriess, Angela C. C. Chen, Karen Leong, & Verna Keith) Professional Geographer 62(1): 103-118.
  13. “Highly-skilled Indian Migration in Canada and the US: the Tale of Two Immigration Systems” (Wei Li and Lucia Lo) International Migration and Diaspora Studies Working Paper Series Edited by Binod Khadria 4-6: 1-24.
  14. “Changing Immigration, Settlement and Identities in the Pacific Rim”New Zealand Population Review 33(1): 69-93.
  15. “Introduction: Immigrant and Refugee Experiences in North American Cities” (Carlos Teixeira and Wei Li) Journal of Immigrant & Refugee Studies 7(3): 221–227.
  16. “Global Banking and Financial Services to Immigrants in Canada and the United States” (Wei Li, Alex Oberle, and Gary Dymski) Journal of International Migration and Integration /Revue de l'integration et de la migration internationale 10(2): 1-29.
  17. A slightly different version appears as RIIM Working Paper #07-06, Research on Immigration and Integration in the Metropolis, Vancouver, Canada (2007).

  18. “转型期南京城市社会空间结构:基于第五次人口普查数据的因子生态分析” (徐旳、汪珠、朱喜钢、李唯)载《地理研究》28(2): 484-498; “Urban Social Areas in Nanjing: Analysis of the Fifth National Population Census” (Xu Di,Wang Zhu, Zhu Xigang, and Wei Li)Geographical Research(in Chinese)