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Prof. Peter Stokes

University of Chester Business School, Chester, UK

Full Professor and Deputy Dean

Email: p.stokes@chester.ac.uk


2001 Postgraduate Certificate in Research Degree Supervision, Edge Hill College, Lancaster University.

2000 Doctor of Philosophy, Department of Management, Brunel University, Uxbridge, London.

1996 Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education, Edge Hill College, Lancaster University.

1991 Master of Business Administration, Strathclyde Graduate Business School (SGBS), Strathclyde University, Glasgow.

1990 B.A. (Hons) in Modern Languages (2:1), University of Salford, Greater Manchester.

Research fields

Organizational Theory, Design and Behaviour; Research Methods; Cross-Cultural Management; Critical Management Studies; French Management; HRM; Business Ethics

Publications (selected):

Books, Book Chapters

  1. Mulder, M. and Winterton, J. (forthcoming - 2015) ‘NVQs and Competency Approaches in the UK: Contexts, Issues and Prospects’ in Competence-based Vocational and Professional Education: Bridging the World of Work and Education, New York, Springer.
  2. Stokes, P and Wall, T. (2015) Business Briefings – Research Methodology, Basingstoke, Palgrave Macmillan.
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  1. Smith, S. and Stokes, P. (in review - forthcoming 2015), ‘Signs and Wonders: Exploring the Effects and Impact of the Investors in People Logo and Symbols’, European Journal of Training and Development (ABS 1* journal)
  2. Bamel, U., Rangnekar, S, Stokes, P. and Rastogi, R. (2015) Managerial Effectiveness: An Indian Experience, Journal of Management Development 34 (2).
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  4. Lichy, J and Stokes, P. (accepted and forthcoming 2015) ‘Questioning the Validity of Cross-Cultural Frameworks in a Digital Era: The Emergence of a Global Culture in the Online Environment?’ International Studies in Management and Organization.
  5. (in collaboration with Université Professionelle Internationale - René Cassin (IDRAC) Lyon, France)
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  11. Stokes, P and Oiry, E (2012) ‘An Evaluation of the Use of Competencies in Human Resource Development – a Historical and Contemporary Recontextualisation, Euromed Journal of Business 7(1): 4-23. [Awarded best paper in journal at 2013 EuroMed Conference].
  12. XiaoYan, Q, Yong, H, Qingli, and Stokes, P (2012), Reverse Logistics Network Design Model Based on E-Commerce, International Journal of Organizational Analysis, 20(2): 251-261
  13. (paper received notation as a highly downloaded paper by Emerald Publishing – September 2013)
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Special Issues

  1. Stokes, P. Bishop, R. Phillips, J. (eds) (2007) Special Issue on Militarization and International Business in Critical Perspectives on International Business, 3(1): 5-102.
  2. Davoine, E., Oiry, E. and Stokes, P. (2014) Organizations and Organizing in a French Context, International Journal of Organizational Analysis, 22(4). (n.b. A unique collection of papers commissioned from leading French authors and presented to the FNEGE – the leading French management association).

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