Aims & Scope

IJCNS is an international refereed journal dedicated to the latest advancements in communications, network and system Science. The goal of this journal is to keep a record of the state-of-the-art research and promote the research work in the areas. This journal invites original research and review papers that address the following issues in communications, network and system science.

Topics of interest are (but not limited to):

  • · Ad Hoc and Mesh Networks
  • · Coding, Detection and Modulation
  • · Cognitive Radio
  • · Communication Networks Architecture Design
  • · Communication Reliability and Privacy
  • · Communication Security and Information Assurance
  • · Cooperative Communications
  • · Embedded Distributed Systems
  • · Global Networks
  • · Heterogeneous Networking
  • · Microprocessor
  • · MIMO and OFDM Technologies
  • · Network Protocol, QoS and Congestion Control
  • · Network Survivability
  • · Next Generation Network Architectures
  • · Reconfigurable Networks
  • · Resource Management
  • · Satellite Communication
  • · Sensor Networks
  • · Simulation and Optimization Tools
  • · UWB Technologies
  • · Wave Propagation and Antenna Design
  • · Wireless Personal Communications

  • We are also interested in short papers, as in the form of a letter, that clearly address a specific narrow problem and in papers that survey problems and new results pertaining to a certain topic. Authors may be invited to write short papers on the same topic in more than one successive issue of IJCNS.