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Quantum Meteorites: An Extemporaneous Description of the System of the World

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We extemporaneously summarize the theoretical scheme we have introduced recently in this note to account for the (hidden) functioning of the System of the World at the quantum level. We further explore the relevance, the pertinence and the potential validity of this scheme. We obtain new fundamental results, bearing notably on the nature and the origin of the “virtual particles” conventionally called upon in quantum field theories to explain the Casimir Effect. We define the concept of quantum meteorites in this context. We disable the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle, judged to be a (mis) interpretation of otherwise legitimate observations, and we replace it with our new XQP Absolute Certainty Principle.

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Auffray, J. (2015) Quantum Meteorites: An Extemporaneous Description of the System of the World. Journal of Modern Physics, 6, 878-889. doi: 10.4236/jmp.2015.67092.


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