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Numerical Approximation of Quantum-Integrals Using the Appropriate Nodes and Weights

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In this paper, we present a procedure for the numerical q-calculation of the q-integrals based on appropriate nodes and weights which are determined such that the error of q-integration is mini-mized; a system of linear and nonlinear set of equations respectively are prepared to obtain the nodes and weights simultaneously; the error of q-integration is considered to be minimized under this condition; finally some application and numerical examples are given for comparison with the exact solution. At the end, the related tables of approximations are presented.

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Hashemiparast, S. , Ghondaghsaz, D. and Maghasedi, M. (2015) Numerical Approximation of Quantum-Integrals Using the Appropriate Nodes and Weights. Applied Mathematics, 6, 958-966. doi: 10.4236/am.2015.66088.


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