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Results of the Sauvé-Kapandji Procedure for Posttraumatic Disorders of the Distal Radioulnar Joint in Young Patients

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The authors report their experience with the Sauvé-Kapandji procedure for the management of posttraumatic disorders of the distal radioulnar joint in 9 younger and active patients. The mean age of our series was 37 years. We operated patients for whom pain in the distal radioulnar joint was more relieved by usual analgesic medical treatment, and those with a limitation of wrist movements. Until the latest follow-up, patients have benefited from antero-posterior and profile radiographs of the wrist. Functional assessment was based on the Modified Mayo Wrist Score whose average value was around 77 points. Postoperatively all patients experienced relief of pain. Rotation of the forearm increased to near normal values. On a professional level, eight of nine employed patients had returned to work. There were no major complications.

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Abid, H. , Shimi, M. , El Ibrahimi, A. and El Mrini, A. (2015) Results of the Sauvé-Kapandji Procedure for Posttraumatic Disorders of the Distal Radioulnar Joint in Young Patients. Open Journal of Orthopedics, 5, 35-40. doi: 10.4236/ojo.2015.53005.


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