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Wind Field Flow Characteristics Analysis of T4-72 Type Centrifugal Fan

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In order to explore the internal wind field flow characteristics of T4-72 type centrifugal fan, the three-dimensional model was established based on PRO/E software. Combined with computational fluid Dynamics Software Fluent 6.3, the standard model and SIMPLEC algorithm were used to simulate the wind field inside the fan. Analysis of the flow characteristics, velocity distributed and pressure distributed of the internal fluid model of the T4-72 centrifugal fan, combined with the theoretical formula to obtain the full pressure, power and efficiency performance parameters of the fan. The centrifugal fan performance curve is drawn. While compared with the experimental data, it is found that the internal flow disturbance is strong when the fan is running under low load condition and high load condition, which affects the performance of the fan and reduces the life of the fan. The numerical simulation results are consistent with the experimental results. The overall performance parameters of the fan are in good agreement, verifying the reliability of the simulation results; when the fan works between 1 - 1.4 times the rated flow rate, it can obtain a more stable flow field while maintaining higher efficiency, which provides a new idea for the optimization of the subsequent fan.

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He, X. , Tian, D. and Song, X. (2019) Wind Field Flow Characteristics Analysis of T4-72 Type Centrifugal Fan. Open Journal of Fluid Dynamics, 9, 241-252. doi: 10.4236/ojfd.2019.93016.

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