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Interpretivist Entrepreneurial Research on Indian Millennial: An R/R-QDA Based Approach

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Research on entrepreneurship domain and its different dimensions is not new. This paper explores entrepreneurial orientation of Indian millennial and their motivations using open source R/RQDA packages through a qualitative paradigm. The sociological method called “interpretivism” uses qualitative approach which is humanistic as opposed to scientific methods followed by “positivism”. This study uses qualitative data generation techniques e.g. participant observation, focus group discussion, and unstructured interviews, with an emphatic understanding of individual accounts. It applies thematic coding and categorization of the participants’ narratives on a computer assisted platform for grounding it into a theoretical model. Individuals in Indian millennial cohort, don’t just positively react to external positive stimuli to pursue an entrepreneurial career, they possess values e.g. altruism and societal orientation. Narratives from individual accounts manifest different perspectives on singular objective reality as would be broadly construed as social constructionism of Indian milieu. The computing environment of R/RQDA (Source: CRAN) for data coding, aggregation, plotting and theorization on personal narratives drawn from limited accounts in a group setting asserts on the findings that are most appropriate in recent cultural shift witnessing India such as unleashing individual potential or cooperative capitalism toward social change. Identifying a group of budding entrepreneurs currently pursuing business management program and looking for a near future objective realization of an entrepreneurial career was a part of the sampling. Data triangulation is a natural improvement for generalization of the findings to make it a more relevant outcome, and is a limitation of the current study.

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