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Well-Being from Governmental Interventions—A Look at Copreneurship in Power Looms of Karnataka

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Purpose of Paper: This study investigates the well-being of Copreneurship in power looms of Karnataka in a rural context. It highlights the well-being in terms of the satisfaction that the couple experience in entrepreneurship within the rural copreneurial environment arising from the usage of Governmental Interventions. It further compares this feeling of well-being with couples who do not make use of Governmental interventions. Design/Methodology/Approach: The objective of this study is to contribute to the study of entrepreneurial wellbeing, specifically focusing on rural Copreneurship and Government. The methodology of this study is comparative - where the primary objective is to investigate the overall personal well-being of ecopreneurs who have utilized governmental interventions in comparison with ecopreneurs who did not utilize Governmental interventions and support. Findings: The data confirm a positive relationship between usage of governmental interventions and the perceived overall well being of high users amongst the ecopreneurs. The results supported the hypothesized relationship between overall wellbeing and high copreneurial usage of governmental interventions. Furthermore, they found that high user Copreneurs are more satisfied with the pleasure that business gives them even if their business achievements (profit, sales, and revenues) are not as per expectation. Research Limitations: As the research is limited to rural copreneurial couples in power looms of the textiles industry in MSMEs of Karnataka state of India only; the findings may limit in application to urban ecopreneurs. Practical Implications: Results of this study revealed that having identified governmental interventions and using them was associated with greater perceived satisfaction. Original/Value of Paper: The results for efficiently expected to be encouraging usage of governmental interventions purpose.

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Rajan, S. , Ravi, H. and Muralidharan, P. (2019) Well-Being from Governmental Interventions—A Look at Copreneurship in Power Looms of Karnataka. Journal of Service Science and Management, 12, 639-648. doi: 10.4236/jssm.2019.125044.

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