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Global Cardiovascular Risk of the HIV Positive Patients Receiving Antiretroviral Therapy in Brazzaville

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A cross-sectional, descriptive and analytical study was conducted from January to August 2015 at the Brazzaville Ambulatory Treatment Center and at the National Blood Transfusion Center. The objective was to contribute to improving the care of people living with HIV under antiretroviral therapy by assessing their global cardiovascular risk (CVR). The variables studied focused on the epidemiological, clinical and biological aspects. The global CVR was assessed by the Framingham and WHO/ISH scores. There were 135 HIV-positive subjects, including 64 treated patients and 71 untreated HIV+ subjects. The subjects were divided into 83 men (61.5%) and 52 women (38.5%), with an average age of 42.6 ± 2.9 old years. The subjects were single people (62.2%), of a secondary educational level (63.7%), and civil servants (32.6%). The main risk factors found were dyslipidaemia (60%), obesity (36%), smoking (12.6%), hypertension (5.9%), diabetes (0.7%). The metabolic syndrome was found in seven cases (11.3%). The global CVR according to the score of Framingham, initially moderated at 17.2%, and mean at 1.5% within treated patients, was mean at 9.4% and high at 1.6% of the subjects respectively at the sixth month of treatment (p < 0.03). For the score of the WHO/ISH, the risk was high at 2% and very high at 3% within treated patients initially. This risk was increased to 3.1% for the high and very high risk respectively at sixth month of treatment (p < 0.04). In Congo, the HIV population involves a high global CVR under antiretroviral therapy. Preventive actions are highly recommended.

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