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Authentication of Rothmannia whitfieldii Dye Extract with FTIR Spectroscopy

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Extraction of dye from dry fruit of Rothmannia whitfieldii was carried out using four different extraction methods. Solvent and acid extraction methods gave a colourless supernatant solution after extraction time of 45 minutes at 60°C. The alkali method gave a deep brown coloured supernatant solution while the aqueous method gave a dark coloured supernatant solution after extraction under the same conditions. From the result of the FTIR spectroscopy characterization of the coloured solutions and the dry powder of Rothmannia whitfieldii fruit, it was observed that only the alkali method extracted what can be called a dye with likely presence of tannins. The result also showed that the possible functional groups present in the supernatant solution after aqueous extraction are same with the functional groups present in the dry pulverized Rothmannia whitfieldii fruit. Hence, aqueous method did not extract any dye. Similarly, a mixture of the solution after aqueous extraction with drops of alkali solution produced a deep brown coloured solution indicating solubility of the dye component in alkali media.

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