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The Influence of Leadership Art on Modern Enterprise Management

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In today’s society, the rapid development of the knowledge-based economy puts forward new requirements for the leadership of enterprises: improving the ideas of employees and enterprises, improving leadership art has become extremely important content for the leadership management model in this new era. Leadership art is the content and performance of the leadership style. The correct use of leadership art is very important for the whole enterprise. It can not only effectively improve the efficiency of the enterprise, but also promote the common development of the company and employees. However, how to make the successful use of leadership art in enterprises has become an urgent problem to be solved. In this article, two or more existing situations are studied to determine their similarities and differences, the background, development, current conditions and environmental interactions of one or more individuals, groups, communities, businesses or institutions is observed, recorded and analyzed for stages of patterns in relation to internal and external influences. This article will briefly discuss the influence of leadership art on modern enterprise management.

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