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A Study on Broad Band Noise Emitted from Underexpanded Radial Jet

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This study focuses on a noise emitted from a radial underexpanded jet. The underexpanded jet is well known as one of supersonic jets and it is formed when the pressure ratio across a convergent nozzle is more than the critical value. The underexpanded jet has been used in many fields, such a propulsion of rocket, laser cutting and a glass tempering process. Such jet is exhausted from a circular nozzle. The expansion wave, the compression wave and the shock wave are periodically formed in the jet, which leads to quasi-periodical shock-cell structure. On the other hand, an underexpanded jet radially issues from intake and exhaust valves of an internal combustion engine and a pressure control valve. The radial underexpanded jet does not have the quasi- periodical shock-cell structure such as the jet from the circular nozzle, its cell length decreasing along jet axis. In this study, an underexpanded jet radially discharged from a circular slit nozzle, which consists of two circular tubes, is experimentally examined for different nozzle pressure ratios. The jet structure is visualized using Schlieren method and a noise emitted from the jet is measured. Typically, the shock associated broadband noise is analyzed and a relation between the jet structure and the radiation noise frequency is discussed. As a result, it is found that the broadband noise lies on lower frequency than a screech tone and that the 1st cell length plays an important role in broadband noise radiation.

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Hiramoto, Y. , Suzuki, H. , Endo, M. and Sakakibara, Y. (2019) A Study on Broad Band Noise Emitted from Underexpanded Radial Jet. Open Journal of Fluid Dynamics, 9, 72-81. doi: 10.4236/ojfd.2019.91005.

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