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Strength of Thin-Walled Lipped Channel Section Columns with Shell-Shaped Curved Grooves

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Thin-walled member is structurally superior to a construction member. However, by reason of complexity in structure the stress and the deformation to yield the cross section are complicated. Specially, in case thin-walled members, such as thin-walled channel section columns, which are subjected to compressive force, these members produce the local buckling, distortional buckling and overall buckling. A number of experimental and theoretical investigations subjected to axial compressive force are generated for thin-walled channel section columns with triangle-shaped folded groove by Hancock [1] and with complex edge stiffeners and web stiffeners by Wang [2]. In case thin-walled channel section column with folded groove which is subjected to axial compressive force, it is cleared that the buckling mode shapes are ordinarily generated for local buckling mode shape of plate-panel composing cross section of member in short member aspect ratio and overall buckling mode shape as column and distortional buckling mode shape interacting between local buckling and overall buckling similarly normal thin-walled member. It is cleared analytically and experimentally that buckling strength and critical strength of thin-walled channel section column with folded groove can increase sharply in comparison with that of normal thin-walled member composing only plate-panel. In this paper a new cross section of shell-shaped curved groove [3] was proposed instead of the thin-walled lipped channel section column with triangle- and rectangle-shaped folded grooves used ordinarily, and therefore the comparison and the examination of buckling strength and buckling behavior were generated in the case of preparing triangle-shaped folded and shell-shaped curved grooves to web and flange of thin-walled channel section column. And then in order to investigate the buckling behavior on the thin-walled channel section column with folded and curved grooves, exact buckling strength and the buckling mode shapes are generated by using the transfer matrix method. The analytical local distortional and overall elastic buckling loads of thin-walled channel section column with folded and curved grooves can be obtained simultaneously by use of the transfer matrix method. Furthermore, a technique to estimate the buckling mode shapes of these members is also shown.

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