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Identifying Factors Hindering the Adoption of Expanded Polystyrene for Building Construction in Akure, Nigeria

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Housing provision has become a global issue as the need for affordable housing kept increasing in various communities especially in Akure, Nigeria. This has emerged due to various economic, socio-cultural and environmental factors which has increased pressure on conventional building materials thereby leading to the invention of alternative building materials. This paper looks at the barriers to the adoption of expanded polystyrene (EPS) for building construction in Akure, Nigeria. The methodology adopted elicited information through structured questionnaire which assessed the socio-economic characteristics of the respondents, their level of awareness of EPS and its application in building construction, the rate at which they specify EPS for designs and construction and the hindrances to its adoption for building construction. A total of 60 questionnaires were administered on the architects in practice and in the academia environment but 45 were retrieved. This was the bases to which the conclusion of this research was made. The outcome of the research shows that lack of awareness is a key hindrance to the adoption of EPS for construction as most architects in Akure do not know much about expanded polystyrene, thereby, cannot fully decipher its qualities and/or suitability for construction. As such, most questions pertaining the durability, cost implication or client’s preference could not be answered by the architects since their knowledge on the subject matter is minimal. However, those who knows about EPS confirms its flexibility, quick construction time and its environmental friendliness but stated that EPS is not readily available like other conventional materials. As such, their specification always goes towards the available materials.

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