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Taking into Account the Effect of Dual Wheels on the Behavior of Lateritic Gravelly Pavements

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The representation in the three-dimensional space of the physical model symbolized by the application of the pairing of the wheels described by 2 disks with a radius of 0.125 m and a 0.375 m spacing has the advantage of more accurately simulating the loading. In most cases, the assumption of a uniform distribution of loading on the circular surface is considered. In order to determine the effect of dual wheels, this research proposes a new approach to the distribution of vertical contact stress in three-dimensional space with loading on the circular surface. This allowed evaluating the maximum deformation on the space described by the dual wheels. The results showed that vertical deformation is maximum at the center of each circular surface. The distribution of the vertical contact stress is non-uniform on the circular footprint and has a significant influence on the deformation of the pavement at the level of the bituminous layer. The impact assessment of the twinning reveals that the dual wheels load causes less damage than that of a single wheel. These results are obtained by means of a numerical simulation under Cast3M with a gravitational lateritic pavement.

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Thiam, B. , Samb, F. and Dione, A. (2018) Taking into Account the Effect of Dual Wheels on the Behavior of Lateritic Gravelly Pavements. Geomaterials, 8, 27-37. doi: 10.4236/gm.2018.83003.

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