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The Effect of Gold Nanoparticle on Absorbed Dose by IMRT in Esophagus Phantom

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This study aimed to evaluate the use of dosimeters MAGICA gel impregnated with nanoparticles of gold to increase the dose of faulty tissue in the chest phantom in the esophagus and other organs to determine the dose and dose distribution in the tissue with an IMRT treatment. In this study, based on previous studies, the optimal concentration of 0.1 mM gold nanoparticles has been considered. Also, better localization and avoid radiation received dose by other organizations around the IMRT machine used for radiation. For comparison and understanding of dose distribution and dose rate increase factor (DEF), gel dosimeters were acquired by MRI. The results showed that by adding gold nanoparticles with a diameter of 50 nm and optimum concentration is 0.1 mM, the dose and energy 500 cGy and 6 MV with IMRT respectively, the factors increasing the dose (DEF) is about 9.74%. It’s remarkable, this research is that Esophagus phantom to containing gold nanoparticles to other tissues (lung and spinal cord) and also the Phantom of the esophagus in the absence of gold nanoparticles, has received the highest dose and compared with the non-nano R2 Increased. It is also a good match between the results of dosimetry gel and results of treatment.

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