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Positioning Youth Development Agenda in Public Discourse in Nigeria: An Advocacy Imperative

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Nigeria is currently undergoing what demographers describe as a “youth bulge”, which requires significant attention for sound policies in the area of health, education, economy and good governance. Although development agencies have utilised a multitude of tactics to promote youth and children issues in the country, the level of media and public attention is still insufficient. Children and youth advocates confront significant challenges in attracting sustainable public, policy and media attention to the youth development agenda. Thus, the paper advocates for a more effective positioning of youth development in the country through a robust use of big data, appropriate framing of issues, creative networking among advocates to coordinate public influence interventions, and constructive response to counter framing by opposition groups. Advocates also need to be more politically-savvy in navigating the complexities of domestic politics that shape public and policy response to social development while harnessing the power of transnational obligations, norms and institutions in leveraging political support for children and youth.

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