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Appraisal of Techniques, Investigation and Analysis of Vitamin (B7) Biotin

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Biotin is also called vitamin B7, vitamin B8 or vitamin H. Biotin is a water soluble compound and is colorless in appearance. Overall eight different types of biotin exist but only Biotin-D occurs naturally with its complete vitamin activity. It is mainly synthesized by mold, algae, bacteria, yeast and some plant species. There are different methods used to find the vitamins in nutrients and samples. This article is composed of the comprehensive review of the competitive techniques and various methods for the assay of biotin. High-pressure liquid chromatographic (HPLC), microbiological analysis and HPLC producer are adopted for the determination of biotin. An optimal analytical condition of biotin determination was performed by the HPCL method. The statistical parameters of the HPLC methods were compared and reviewed with other determination.

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