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Analysis of RFID Based Positioning Technique Using Received Signal Strength and Directional Antenna

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Automatic robot navigation is being utilized in many industries for the purpose of high speed work delivery. Color follower, fix path follower robots are current solution to this activities but dynamic path configuration is not possible in these robots. Hence new system proposes effective and fully dynamic path follower robots using RFID and directional antenna. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) system permits automatic identification of objects with RFID tags using radio waves which have been widely used in mobile robot navigation, localization and mapping both in indoor and outdoor environment. This article presents a navigation strategy for autonomous mobile robot using passive RFID system. Proposed robot system is provided with RFID tag functionality which will load tag number and direction instruction. At some turning point, user will put RF tag, this tag will be read by RF reader which is placed on robot. As per direction instruction robot will change the direction and reach to the destination. Also as per the movement, robot will send its GPS location to PC (Personal Computer) which will be displayed on PC. Hence main goal is to provide more reliable and low energy consumption based indoor positioning system which will be achieved using directional antenna.

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Shirke, P. , Potgantwar, A. and Wadhai, V. (2016) Analysis of RFID Based Positioning Technique Using Received Signal Strength and Directional Antenna. Positioning, 7, 80-89. doi: 10.4236/pos.2016.72008.

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