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Prof. Foad Abd-Allah

Department of Neurology

Cairo-University, Cairo, Egypt

E-mail: foad.abdallah@kasralainy.edu.eg, foadneuro@hotmail.com


2004 Post – Doctoral Clinical fellow, cerebrovascular unit, Neurology Department. National Hospital, Oslo University, Norway

2003 MD Neurology, Cairo-University, Egypt

1999 MSc Neuropsychiatry, Cairo-University, Egypt

1994 M.B.B.CH, Cairo-University, Egypt

Publications (Selected)

Original Articles:

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Book Chapters:

  1. "Update on Carotid Revascularization: Evidence from Large Clinical Trials" in a book entitled "Carotid Artery Disease - From Bench to Bedside and Beyond" published by INTECH, 2014.  ISBN: 978-953-51-1214-3.
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