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Dr. Tien-Min Gabriel Chu

Department of Restorative Dentistry

Indiana University School of Dentistry, USA

E-mail: tgchu@iupui.edu


1999 Ph.D., University of Michigan

1989 D.D.S., Kaohsiung Medical College

Publications (Selected)

  1. Eman Allam, Matthew R. Allen, Tien-Min Chu, Ahmed Ghoneima, and L.Jack Windsor, “In vivo effects of zoledronic acid on oral mucosal epithelial cells proliferation, apoptosis, and matrix metalloproteinase expression” Oral Diseases 2011; 17: 291-297.
  2. D. Shin, S. Blanchard, M. Ito, and T. Chu, “Peripheral Quantitative Computer Tomographic, Histomorphometric, and Removal Torque Analyses of Two Different Noncoated Implants in a Rabbit Model” Clinical Oral Implant Research 2011; 22: 242-250.
  3. Matthew R. Allen, Daniel J. Kubek, David B. Burr, Salvatore L. Ruggiero, and Tien-Min G. Chu, “Exposed Bone and Compromised Healing following Dental Extraction in Dogs Treated with Zoledronic Acid” Osteoporosis International 2011; 22: 693-702.
  4. Rena L. Stewart, Joseph T. Cox, David Volgas, James Stannard, Lynn Duffy, Ken B. Waites, and Tien-Min Chu, “The Use of a Biodegradable, Load-Bearing Scaffold as a Carrier for Antibiotics in an Infected Open Fracture Model” Journal of Orthopedic Trauma 2010; 24(9): 587-91.
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