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Prof. Mohammad Z. Raqab

Department of Mathematics

University of Jordan, Jordan

Email: mraqab@ju.edu.jo


1992 Ph.D., The Ohio State University, USA

1989 M.S., University of Jordan, Jordan

1989 M.S., The Ohio State University, USA

1981 B.S., University of Jordan, Jordan

Publications (Selected)

  1. Alshunnar, F. S., Raqab, M. Z. and Kundu, D. (2010) On the Comparison of the Fisher Information of the Log-Normal and Generalized Rayleigh Distributions. Journal of Applied Statistics, 37(3), 391-404.
  2. Raqab, M. Z. (2010). Evaluations of the Mean Residual Lifetime of a m-out-of-n System. Statistics & Probability Letters, 80, 333-342.
  3. Raqab, M. Z., Asgharzadeh, A. and Vailollahi, R. (2010) Prediction for Pareto Distribution Based on Progressively Type II Censored Samples. Computational Statistics and Data Analysis, 54, 1732-1743.
  4. Raqab, M. Z. (2009). Distribution-Free Prediction Intervals for the Future Current RecordStatistics. Statistical Papers, 50, 429-439.
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  8. Mukhtar M. S., Raqab, M. Z. Raqab, Ahsanullah, M. (2008) Marshall-Olkin Exponential Distribution: Moments of Order Statistics. Journal of Applied Statistical Sciences, 17(1), 81-92.
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