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Prof. Ruixia Hao

School of Earth and Space Sciences

Peking University, China

Email: rxhao@pku.edu.cn


1995 Ph.D., Northeastern University, Geochemistry

1991 M.S., Northeastern University, Geochemistry

1988 B.S., Northeastern University, Geochemistry

Publications (selected)

1. Hao, R., Lu, A (2009) Biodegradation of heavy oils by halophilic bacterium, Progress in Natural Science, 19(8): 997-1001.

2. Zheng, H., Hao, R (2007) General Geochemistry, Peking University Press, Beijing.

3. Hao, R., Lu, A (2007) Conversion and degradation of crude oil by Bacillus SP3, Chinese Journal of Geochemistry, 26(2): 201-206.

4. Hao, R., Lu, A., Wang, G (2004) Crude oil-degrading thermophilic bacterium from oil field, Canadian Journal of Microbiology, 50(3): 175-182.

5. Hao, R., Lu, A., Zeng, Y (2004) Effect on crude oil by thermophilic bacterium, Journal of Petroleum Science & Engineering, 43(3/4): 247-258.

6. Hao, R., Wang, G (2003) Coreflood experiment of heavy oil by Thermus SP3, Journal of Canadian Petroleum Technology, 42(3): 36-39.

7. Hao, R (2000) Microbial Geochemistry of Manganese, Metallurgical Industrial Press, Beijing.